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Our Lizzy Courses

Our Lizzy, 59 Howsell Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 1TH
01684 892 688 | 0787 079 7191 (mobile) |
Courses normally run from 10am to 3.45pm. Includes ingredients and recipe booklet.

Absolute Beginners

Want to learn to cook? Want to feel more confident in the kitchen? Looking to cut down on rising food bills? Save money and eat a healthy diet.
Please contact Lizzy for a date and times to suit you.

Autumn Harvest

Warming recipes for cold dark evenings, using seasonal squashes. Pepare soups, butternut squash risotto, and Thai green curry with pumpkin.
Sorry no current dates.

Bread Making

Want to learn how to bake your own bread at home? This course will teach you how to make a range of delicious handmade breads.
Fri, 6 October 2017 spaces

Children’s Cookery Class

Perfect for the school holidays or after school, please get in touch to book a date. Perfect for family groups or a group of friends.
Please enquire to book your date and times.

Christmas Cookery

Want some new ideas for festive entertaining? Cooking for a vegetarian visitor this Christmas? Put a new twist on classic ingredients.
Sat, 25 November 2017 few spaces
Sat, 9 December 2017 full

Christmas Party Food

Looking for quality vegan party nibbles? Want to impress your visitors over the festive season? Looking for some healthier ideas for snacks?
Sun, 10 December 2017 spaces

Dairy Free Desserts

Giving up dairy produce? Allergic to cow’s milk? Can’t tolerate eggs? Prepare some indulgent vegan desserts.
Sorry no current dates.

Gluten Free Cookery

Having difficulty coping with a gluten free lifestyle? Giving up dairy produce? Can’t tolerate wheat? Not able to eat sugar?
Please enquire to book your date and times.

Greek Mezze

Inspired by Greek cuisine, perfect for summer entertaining and picnics. Use classic ingredients such as olive oil, garlic, lemons, and fresh herbs.
Sorry no current dates.

Indian Cooking

Recreate your favourite restaurant meal at home. Explore spices; learn how to make tasty snacks and some simple curries.
Sun, 15 October 2017 few spaces

Italian Summer

Inspired by Italy. A taste of the sun; a relaxed day of cooking using simple staple ingredients and local seasonal produce.
Sorry no current dates.

Meals in Minutes

This course includes something for everyone from basic pasta sauces to cooking for special occasions.
Sat, 11 November 2017 two spaces
Sun, 28 January 2018 spaces

Mexican Morning

Cook up a spicy chilli, sizzling fajitas, cooling guacamole, refried beans and chunky salsa. Sit down and enjoy the results at lunchtime.
Sun, 5 November 2017 spaces

Middle Eastern Cookery

Inspiration is taken from Persia, Turkey, and Lebanon. Create a selection of dips, falafels, koftas, stews, colourful salads, and flatbreads.
Sat, 4 November 2017 two spaces
Sat, 27 January 2018 spaces

Packed Lunches

Prepare a selection of quick healthy snacks for lunch. Rustle up some tasty quinoa, spelt pasta salad, beany dips, and sweet potato parcels.
Sorry no current dates.

Taste of Thailand

Grind spices to make Thai Green curry paste. Prepare a selection of tasty curries, Pad Thai noodles, and a delicious green papaya salad.
Sun, 8 October 2017 full

Tasty Tofu

Make crispy tofu cubes. Explore methods of cooking including braise, roast, frying and barbecue. Make savoury pastries and flans.
Sat, 21 October 2017 few spaces
Sat, 3 February 2018 spaces

Vegan Baking

Giving up dairy produce? Allergic to cow’s milk? Can’t tolerate eggs? Bake delicious vegan cakes, biscuits and pastry.
Sun, 22 October 2017 full
Sat, 13 January 2018 two spaces

Vegan Cheese Making

As a vegan do you miss eating cheese? Are you interested in creating flavours of vegan cheese that you can’t buy in the shops?
Sorry no current dates.

Vegan Starter Kit

Use some vegan convenience foods as well as tofu and a range of beans and pulses. Prepare a quick meal, a dairy free cheesy sauce, easy chocolate brownies and some yummy pancakes.
Sun, 21 January 2018 spaces

Vegan Vitality

Cook grains such as buckwheat and millet. Explore nutritious quinoa. Cook beans, tofu and tempeh. Prepare a cashew nut soft cheese.
Sat, 14 October 2017 one space
Sat, 20 January 2018 spaces